How to Beat Vamp!

So on my third try, I finally got it. How does one beat Vamp in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Easy. Use the syringe! First kill him: use long range/explosive weapons. (2)Then equip the syringe as your item. Then, when he’s getting up and doing his whole “I’m invincible and a jerk” thing, (3)press R1 to headlock him. (4)The “Syringe – Press Triangle” will come up. Press triangle. Done.

The next part is to take out the GEKKOs with the Rail Gun/.50 cal. Shoot the ones with red lights when you see them. They’ll Self Destruct if you don’t and you’ll lose. Kill the others if they get to close. Once the last one is destroyed, it’ll cutscene. Done.


26 responses to “How to Beat Vamp!

  1. Having a hard time using the syringe for a knife in cqc. Could give me another hint

  2. Thanks, I was killing him over and over again!

  3. Yeah, really, I can’t even grab a hold of him. Never did it to anyone, don’t know the precise millisecond, I’m hopeless.


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  5. Check out my review and my boss battle walkthroughs for MGS IV at :

    At the bottom of the review is a link to my boss battle walkthroughs that tells you how to kill each and every boss.

  6. you have kill shoot the hell out of him till he falls then u can go and do the CQC trick

  7. mrpocketpossum

    wow shoot him in the head w/ the rail gun run up eqp the needle and wait for him to get up hold r1 then when it says use the needle god

  8. dude just use the dart gun, once in the head and he goes down. when he stands up and starts monologuing just R1 and triangle. that way you dont waste any ammo health or anything.

  9. this is easy to do, why would anyone stress over it:p

  10. Thank you thank you! My husband has been playing this for 6 hours and you finally helped him kill the stupid vamp thing. Thanks!

  11. I broke 2 wirelees controllers until I finally found that millasecond of time that you have to grab Vamp. For me I noticed you need to kill him 4 or 5 times before this move will work, otherwise he gets up too fast. Get behind him, when he gets up he is a little woozy, that is when you have a split second to grab him, hold down the R2 button (you need to get him in a headlock) and then the prompt will come up to use the syringe. Make sure you equip the syringe(L2 and X) and the knife (R2 switch weapons) before you run over to him while he is down. Do all things prior to this post, railgun, a lot of dving away from Vamps attacks etc. Good Luck! It aggravated my wife and she was only watching, imagine how frustrated I was.

  12. i cant beat him – dunno wat to do i get his health and psyche low but when he gets low he runs away really fast and when i try and go behind him he kicks me…

  13. You need to run up behind him when he is on the ground, and when he gets up, he is dazed ,you need to equip your knife and syringe. (l2 and r2 buttons) if you don’t have those in you’re cycles, go to items and weapons in the pause menu. If you don’t understand this go to the virtual training, inside of the title screen. Practice the cqc before you do anything, I learned it in less then 10 minutes. Hold r1 for a hold. Make sure your syringe is equiped, and press and hold triangle, you should be able to kill vamp.

  14. jus put tha full camo suit ( face included) hide behind a wall wait for him 2 walk by then run behind him and cqc grab him ( with tha syringe) …

  15. this part is complete shit I killed him at least 10 times I cant do the fucking move is snake retard damn knife

  16. this part is stupid I kill the bastard over and over the problem is the bastard kicks me right before I do the damn thing I had it then i forgot the effin inj thing who in the hell made this level up

  17. You need to kill him once, then the second time u kill him get behind him far enough not to be knocked back when vamp stands up, equpi the syringe and stun knife, grab him with R1, stand still, then u will be able to have to action to press triangle to give him the Syringe

  18. I have tried numerous times. The triangle never comes up to inject syringe. I can do CQC successfully and press triangle also. Even then syringe does not apply. I am stuck. What should I do? I don’t even see Solar gun in the Drebins shop.

  19. how to beat this vamp guy. i dont kno. where the hell do u get the “syringe” from?

  20. It works

  21. yea wow this was really easy. i just kept running and dodging him when he would run up to me. then when he was further away i would use the rpg-7 on him until he would fall and “die” (make sure u have the syringe equipped before you “kill” him) then while hes starting to get up, grab him (R1) then use the syringe (triangle while u have him in a head lock) and that just about does it. pretty easy, it might take u a few times but u will figure it out good luck

  22. u get the syringe from naomi

  23. That works on Liquid Easy; but on Liquid Normal, syringe does NOT work AT ALL!!!!!! Can someone really tell me how to beat Vamp because. This shit is gonna make me take it back to GameStop.

  24. i got it first go lol it’s soo easy

  25. I killed vamp like difty fucking times and tried to put him in a headlock and he shoves me to the ground and does his gay little twirl and tosses his knives at you.

  26. It doesn’t work I want kill this fucking vamp

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